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If you are just now discovering my books, I encourage you to take advantage of the generous Samples available both here on my website and through Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s Sampling Program. It’s a fantastic way to discover new and established authors and decide if their voice speaks to your heart the way it should. I write in a number of sub-genres, I write love stories that I hope will remind you what it felt like the first time you fell in love.

I write the type of books I enjoy and I am humbled that so many of you have found pleasure in what I have written. I love a book that keeps me guessing until the end, one with lots of plot. I like different and I want my books to be unique.

But, you’re probably wondering how I got started. Several years ago, I compiled an interesting cookbook called “Recipes For Romance From the Leading Ladies and Gentlemen of Romance”, it had contributions from over sixty published romance authors. When that book launched at the 2001 Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in Orlando, Florida I had the most lovely time visiting with the authors and discussing their various journey’s to publication.

For me the journey has been a long one, but nonetheless full of experiences and people who’ve not only helped me discover my own voice, but grow as a person as well. From the teacher who read my first short story and told me I’d found what I should do with my life, to former Warner Books publisher Nanscy Neiman who just happened to end up with my manuscript as part of the Inside Sessions program and encouraged me to finish the book and then continued to love it when I did…The people have made the journey a special experience. The thing that I have enjoyed the most is meeting readers just like you who have bought my books. I get so excited because when it really comes down to it we share something very special, a love for the written word and that is a special bond. I have my own TBR pile and list of favorite authors, in fact I can’t imagine being a writer and NOT having these things. So whatever you’re reading at the moment, whatever you’re planning to read, I hope that our paths are destined to cross many times in the future…


Happy Reading and God Bless, Tammie Clarke Gibbs



-I live in South Georgia with my own leading man, my husband Mike, my son, Anthony and a little white Maltese, who “thinks she’s a real girl”.





-My favorite meals are Southern Fried Chicken (along with all the veggies) and Mexican. (I know strange mix.)



-One of my favorite vacation destinations is Orlando because I can pretend I’m a world traveler in less than a week and at a fraction of the expense.


-I have twirled baton, cheerleaded, acted, barrel raced, done gymnastics and field trialed.


-I can hunt, fish, and ride a horse. (Yes. I’ve been thrown before and getting up and getting back on is easier said than done.)


-I try hard to be a helpful person and find the good in everyone. ( This can be hard when people leave seething reviews without consideration, but it’s all part of being published)


-I started my first business just two weeks after high school graduation.


-I’ve walked the streets in bright red hair (as Raggedy Ann), as Miss Piggy, and other characters you may or may not be familiar with.


-I made a living for 8 years selling $1.00 and $3.00 balloons! (You’ve gotta be good to do that)


-I’m currently a Realtor in South Georgia (Don’t you want to move to my neck of the woods? I’m sure I can find you something fabulous!)


-I love all my readers and appreciate them more than they’ll ever know. (I hope you are one of them)

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