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Author Spotlight ~ Author Interview with Tammie Clarke Gibbs

Welcome to the World Literary Cafe Author Spotlight

Featuring: Author Tammie Clarke Gibbs

Interview by Wendy L. Young

Welcome to the WLC Author Spotlight! Tammie Clarke Gibbs is with us today for a fun chat. Let’s get to it!

Tammie, first – what do you enjoy doing outside of writing?

I love touring old homes and going to antique fairs and yard sales. I have such an active imagination, and the simplest items can spur my inner creativity. Connecting with history is just fun for me. Once, before we were married my now husband agreed to indulge me and went on a horseback expedition with me to find an old graveyard in the woods that my father had told me about.  He doesn’t like horses much, and I’m sure it wasn’t his idea of a perfect day so it must have been true love because he smiled and made as if he was thrilled with it.  The thing is once we found it, there was an easily accessible dirt road just on the other side of it, and it was neither as old nor as isolated as I’d hoped.


That is so sweet, even if it didn’t turn out like you hoped. That’s so true of life – that you find your expectations of something get turned upside down and you end up with something else entirely, often something good!

Who has inspired you the most in your life?

My parents have been a well-spring of inspiration since I was a little girl. Both are very motivated in their own respects, but they instilled within me at an early age what self-motivation and hard work were all about. Both my Mom and Dad did side jobs so that they could provide our family with the little extra’s Daddy’s income alone wouldn’t allow. My mom decorated cakes, and daddy did all sorts of things like sell fire alarms and shake pinecones from trees. Most of all they provided me with a stable home life that was fertile ground for my creativity and imagination, and they always told me I could do whatever I set my mind to.

That kind of support is so important! What a blessing that they gifted you with it.


What is the first book that you published? What is your latest?

My debut title was Island of Secrets a time travel gothic which took many by surprise. I love both gothic and time travels so for me, it was natural for me to combine the two, and I love the way it turned out. It’s a love it or hate it book, few readers are indifferent. Like most books, it either speaks to you, or it doesn’t. I love books that keep you guessing the ones that you haven’t figured out the entire plot within the first chapter. Island of Secrets is that kind of book. It’s filled with lots of suspense, and within the first six months of publication took the coveted #1 spot on Amazon for Gothic Romance then went on to stay on three category best-seller lists for eighteen consecutive months.


My newest release is Sworn to Secrecy a time travel romantic suspense. My second novel was a straight historical romantic suspense, and I love that I’m writing time travel again. I just love that special element that connects the past with the future and blends the two worlds. I’m very excited because it’s been so well received in a very short time it’s also made its way onto three Amazon Best Seller’s lists and has been an Amazon Hot New Release in three categories for a few weeks now. I just love when readers engage with one of my books.

Tell us about how it felt to publish your first book:

I’ve been published for several years but mostly in non-fiction. Getting published the first time in non-fiction is exciting, but finally having one of my novels out there where the public could read it was something altogether different. Fiction to me isn’t logical; it’s not how-to and analytical. Instead, it’s something totally personal.  Words flow creatively like blood from the vein out onto the paper. Characters come to life and speak to me.  The emotions were mixed because I was elated and terrified at the same time. I wanted the world to read what I’d written while at the same time I was afraid they would. It was a magical time indeed and it just better and better with each subsequent book.

So much heart goes into fiction, I agree! It’s not easy to put that out there to others to read.

Do you think you’ll ever stray from the genre you write in?

I feel sure I will. I have a book planned now that will be more thrillers, mystery and suspense. There is one thing that I believe that I will stay true to. I love a good romance and to me, all great books include a love story. I do love mystery and suspense, they are the cornerstones of all my novels thus far. I can certainly see myself spreading my wings and doing books with an even heavier focus on those themes.


It’s hard to limit creativity to just one genre, right? smiley

Do you prefer to write stand-alone novels or series books?

I love doing both, but as for series books, I like to write them in a way that they are connected, but not totally dependent on one another and can be read out of order with no sacrifice of the story.

That’s a challenging goal! But the readers love it, I’m sure. It’s nice to be able to pick u a book and go.

Switching gears, our lives are very social. How active are you on social networks, and what do you think of them? Help or hindrance?

I’m very involved with social media. I love Facebook and Twitter and have met many dear fans and friends via those networks. I also enjoy helping other authors find their footing in this new publishing world that we are living in.

What’s your favorite part about social media?

I love to talk and while “talking” on social media is different than carrying on an offline conversation it does allow me to fine someone at any given minute that I can talk too. I’m very chatty. I love people and one of my favorite things is interacting with them.

You will never run out of people to talk to online, that’s for sure!

Well let’s wrap up with a few fun questions:

Romance or Mystery? I love to blend both.

Heroes or villains? I love my heroes, but my villains are also fun to write.

Favorite place to write? I do most of my writing in a very non-romantic place, my recliner with my laptop.

Great having you here today, Tammie! I hope everyone enjoyed the chat!

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