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Friday, March 15, 2013

Meet the author of an 18-month Amazon best-seller!

Today I get to welcome author Tammie Clarke Gibbs to my blog. Her new Time Travel Romance, Sworn to Secrecy, has just come out, and she’s living the dream, so I was delighted to get the chance to interview her. 
Welcome Tammie…
Behind the Scenes with Author Tammie Clarke Gibbs & the Hero of her new Time Travel Romance, Sworn to Secrecy….
Tammie Clarke Gibbs is the author of the #1 Kindle Best Selling Gothic/Time Travel Romance Island of Secrets which has been consistently on three of the Amazon Best Seller Lists for over eighteen consecutive months. She is the author of three novels and multiple non-fiction titles. Tammie resides with her husband, son, and a very spoiled Maltese in South Georgia.  She loves to hear from her fans and can be reached at her website and via email 


I saw on your website that Island of secrets has had 16 consecutive months on Amazon bestseller lists. That’s pretty impressive. How long did it take for it to get there and how did you feel when you first realized you were a bestselling author? Do you ever get blase about something like that? Actually, it’s surpassed that and now sits at eighteen months. The past couple months it’s bounced a little back and forth but still basically spends time on the lists. Making the #1 Spot was the coolest thing ever! Of course, I freaked! I took like a thousand screen shots.  I made the first Best-Seller list after being published six months. Island of Secrets has been out a little over two years. So I think for a book that’s been out a while to have such staying power is indeed awesome. If you do get blasé about it, I’m not there yet.
Secrets seem to be a theme in your book titles. Are they an important theme in your stories too? Did you set out to write about secrets or did it just happen that way? They really are. With the first book it was sort of just  a part of it, but with the series it’s a theme. I  really didn’t plan to, but it sort of just happened and it’s been really great and I have lots of ideas for future series books.
Of course, a related question–did you set out to write romance or did it just happen that way? My very first attempt at writing was more of a suspense/horror, I had to write a short story a week for a class in high school and the ONLY one I didn’t make an A+ on was my attempt at a romance. I had a male teacher, and he told me I was wasting my talent. I guess you’d say he was my first mentor. He kind of discovered I could write and told me after reading my first story that he thought I’d discovered what I should do with my life. Pretty heavy news for someone dealing with high school social items, but it struck a chord, and I guess he was right. I believe there are two reasons I write romance. I love reading romance AND as I was exploring my new-found  craft, the only local writers group was an RWA Chapter. It was natural that I try my hand at it. Island of Secrets in its raw form was partially developed during that period of time.
What sort of books do you like to read? What did you read before you started writing–or have you always been a writer? I’ve always enjoyed romantic books, but I also love suspense and mystery books.
What can you tell us about Sworn to Secrecy? Where can readers find it? Sworn to Secrecy is Book Two in my new series Undercover Heroes and while it can be read as a stand alone does feature some of the characters from Book One Keeping Secrets. I really like series that you’re not lost reading if you happen to do so out of order. If readers enjoy Sworn to Secrecy they will probably like to go back and read about Jeremy, Quincy and Magen and how they all fit together.  Sworn to Secrecy does bring my two readerships together. My first book Island of Secrets was a time travel and my second book Keeping Secrets was a Historical Romantic Suspense. This book blends those two things together and I love the way it turned out. I can’t wait to get started on Book Three of the series.  My novels are available on and I’ve included links below as well as a short excerpt of Sworn to Secrecy.  Thank you.
for having me on your blog.
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