A Shaky Marketing Foundation

I have one question for my motivated friends. Are you looking, really looking for those opportunity gems or are you too caught up to notice them?

One of the most asked questions I hear from authors is “where should I advertise” which by nature is the wrong question and assumes that you must pay for advertising. I’m not saying you shouldn’t pay for advertising. I am saying that you should be working from your plan before you ever pay for an ad. I see too many authors that are unprepared, have no Facebook page, no Twitter; no blog or website throw good money out of the window by inviting attention to a book page, description and cover that is not ready for a prospective suitor. There hard-earned cash quickly floats out of the window and an opportunity to bond with a new fan is lost.

“You only have ONE chance to make a good first impression” this saying is especially true when it comes to marketing. A paid ad that works is one that is thought out, placed properly and leads to a page that is designed to close the deal. If you’re not ready, you are really just wasting money.

In 8 hours to Jump-Start your career, I give authors a foundation to build their marketing platform. The ideas in the book are, for the most part, all FREE and there are tons of other free opportunities that authors often overlook. Why? I have no idea. I know that personally I’ve offered opportunities and watched authors sniff around them only to walk on by and pursue those paid ads.

Could it be that paid ads have the allure of the Instant Bullet for authors? That magic pill we all want to take to help us lose weight, appear sexier  and instantly gain the ability to talk in public rarely exists, and if you spend money on a really good ad venue, and it isn’t successful it’s probably your ad or your product.

Everyone wants to side step the foundation, but in doing so you risk having your entire branding platform collapse and when that happens, you will find yourself starting over.

Look for those free opportunities first, then when you are sure your foundation is firmly in place you can rest assured your paid ads will yield a better pay off.

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