Afraid to take the plunge? Marketing to the Masses

Are you afraid to take the plunge?

We all have our comfort zones.  We have our writers groups and our Facebook friends and a few folks following us on Twitter, but how do we expect to ever sell to the masses if we’re afraid or even just not motivated enough to put our wares out where the unseen public can make a determination about them.

Here’s my disclaimer:

These articles are designed to inspire you and help you identify opportunities you may be missing in your marketing plan, but that assumes that you have a marketing plan, and many don’t. These suggestions will be more productive if you use them as a layer to an already existing foundation. I know I sound like a broken record… I just know that it’s true. Having an egg hunt with uncooked eggs is risky business. We should make sure our “eggs” are fully cooked and ready to meet the world before we expose them to the masses.

Now, what do I mean by the masses? I consider the masses as the general public that probably doesn’t live and breathe Facebook author groups and reader groups. The general readership seldom leaves reviews, though they may read them on your page if they know about your book.  The masses are what have driven Shades of Grey and The Hunger Games to sales that make every traditionally and non-traditionally published author want to weep, pull their hair out and gnash their teeth while contemplating the reasons those mega hits shouldn’t be successful.
So what’s the magic?  The masses.  The masses, for the most part, could not care less about trolls or author politics. If faced with either they are usually either unaffected or appalled. The masses are what make the difference between a break-out book and a mildly successful one.  Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be selling a million copies to be a successful author you only have to be exceeding your own goals and expectations because if you’re not in your mind, it doesn’t matter how successful others think you are you’ll always be dissatisfied.

So, how do we tap into the masses?  Word of mouth is a great generator, but how do you possibly create word of mouth on a book to reach the masses? The key is to go where other authors don’t think to go and do it in a way that the masses won’t be offended by. This is not an endorsement of spam. It’s actually a suggestion that you “mingle” socially in some places that you don’t normally go.
All of us have hobbies and interests outside of writing. As self-published or indie authors we often surround ourselves in the writing world cocoon and wonder why we aren’t getting sales. Get a life and follow some of your interests for a bit. Help others and they will become interested in you, and if they like what you do they will help you spread the word.
The masses still believe that authors hold a certain degree of magic. They read and are still a bit glamour-struck when they “chat” with authors because their exposure to authors is limited.

As authors we tend to believe that the “world” is what it is because it’s what we see, but if I judge the world based purely on what I see I am putting limitations on my existence because I’m only exposed to my sphere of influence, and that would be either the real estate world or the online publishing world.

So how big is this “Mass-World”… well for the purposes of this article let’s just say the world is a mighty big place and believe it or not there are still quite a few people that aren’t on Facebook and have never left a review on a book. They don’t all run from site to site getting recommendations for books, and they rarely visit author websites.

So, why do we do those things? What’s the point?  We do those things, in other words, we market to our base “world” because they can help us penetrate the masses.

I believe in actionable tasks. If you’ve already read my first book in the 8 HOURS SERIES, you know that I believe in action.  You will never get anywhere if you sit around and do nothing.  I’d like to challenge you to reach out into the world and  prepare to take your message to the masses.

Grab a pen and paper. Perhaps you’ll even want to get a notebook for these exercises because I believe in homework.

Jot down five things you enjoy doing or have an interest in.

Pull up Google or your favorite search engine and look for online ways to interact with that focus group.  Believe it or not but if you look hard enough you can find readers in most groups. Will everyone be interested? No…but within this demographic if you can connect with just one or two readers the benefit could be substantial.  These are the folks that will go and talk about your book and convince all their friends to buy your book. ( Especially, if they feel they know you personally)

The key is to share an interest with these readers.

Try it…you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  You never know you just may have a little fun in the process.


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