Facebook Fan Pages…do you have one? No? Why not?

Facebook Fan Pages…do you have one? No? Why not? How many FREE opportunities do you get to create a presence online that has the potential to build your fan base in such a profound way?Here are three things you can do to make sure you’re not turning people away when you want them to stick to you like glue.

1-Check your Banner and your photo. A perfect banner will be both professional AND reflect your personality and branding. (Don’t have branding? Stay tuned because you should.) Your photo should not be juvenile or a cutsey avatar. If you want people to spend money on your products, you must prove to them that you are worthy of their attention. Even if you’re book has never made it to a best-seller list your marketing should make it look worthy of the moniker.

2-Are you communicating with your fans? Simply putting up a fan page isn’t enough if you truly want to engage your readership and connect with them. So while having a page is great, and you are leaps ahead of some authors you should be utilizing it.

3- Are you a great big spammer? If so Stop. Chat with your fans and share creative and interesting information. For instance, don’t just say you had a great meal for supper, share the recipe. Be creative…you are a creative person.

A little effort now will go a long way toward building your fan base and keeping them tuned into you.

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