Magic Beans, Willpower and a Smidge of Motivation

Welcome back! Yesterday I discussed blogs and today I’m going to discuss Magic Beans and Motivation… Yes. I can be a little crazy, but for the most part, I’ve been blessed through the years and given a certain knack for dreaming up wild ideas and actually implementing them.

What better subject for an author who got her start years ago when she launched a Balloon Business just two weeks after her high-school graduation?  Magic Beans.  What are they and where can an author get them? Did you even know you need them?

Well, this blog post is about the unseen initiative that drives us toward any goal and whether or not you have what it takes to persevere and be the success that you were meant to be.

Many of my fellow authors will be appalled by what I’m about to say, but the reality is that whether or not we like it or not. It’s true.  Some call the phenomena “dumb luck.”   Maybe, it is, to a degree.

You don’t have to be the most talented author on the planet to become a successful author.  In fact, many of the most successful falls surprisingly short when it comes to the opinions of their peers.

I’ll shock you again when I say, “so what”! I’ll try to explain.  When it comes to measuring another author’s ability, we all would do well to recognize that the way we look at another author’s work, and the way readers do is completely different.  It’s subjective.  It’s like a person’s decorating choices and whether they adorn their lawn with pink flamingos or a work of modern art.  People are different, and they like different things.

Do we as creatives do the world an injustice when we protest the writing ability of others and become bitter when people we deem unworthy achieve success?  I think we do because regardless of our opinion of our own ability, someone isn’t going to like us or our work, and they are bound to let us know using the review system.

So, that being said it’s important to identify these “Magic Beans” that every author needs to grab the spotlight of success for themselves.  There are two things that precede any person’s success.

-Either they believed in themselves or someone else did!

With just a smidge of self-motivation and determination any number of shortfalls can be overcome.  We can change how our covers look. We can edit a bad manuscript into a better one, but what we cannot do is succeed without the motivation to do so.

I would ask you now. Do you have what it takes?  Are you playing at the business of being an author? Or, do you truly believe in what you are doing and your ability to do it better every single time you put your fingers to the keyboard?

I’m not famous, but I’m proud of the accomplishments I’ve made so far because I know that I do everything I can each and every day to assure success.

Recognize today the success you already are and set those goals for the success you want to achieve.  Today’s the day to wake up your will power and motivate yourself to create your own Magic Beans!!!  YOU are the secret ingredient because no one else can write the way you do!

I’d love to hear from you. Please comment and share this blog post any, and everywhere you can.


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