Sell More Books for Kindle and spend less time marketing online.
Easy and straight to the point. If you want to sell more books and spend less time marketing online to do it this is the book for you. A blend of common sense and strategy that will help you position your book and grow your income. This book is full of ACTIONABLE TASKS that have been tested and are bound to improve your platform and help you reach your publishing and profit goals.


Authors Respond

I am a self published author. I am also just a Regular-Joe. No back door connections, prior experience in book sales or internet advertising. I have a full time job and a family. I don’t have time to spend countless hours poking around trying to figure out how to market my book, not if I ever want to finish my next one. Trying to market a book can be exhausting. I know. For months I tried everything I could think of. Nothing worked. Then I discovered this book. It is written in a no-nonsense straight-forward style that took the mystery out of the whole process. I read it from cover to cover in one sitting and then went to work implementing just some of her advice right away. I am still giggling at how easy it actually was. Within days, the paid sales started rolling in. I would recommend this book to any author who wants to sell their own. Without the knowledge contained in this book, I would still be selling a couple copies a month of my own. Now, my one little book, written by the same Regular-Joe, is paying my mortgage. Oh, and I am well into my sequel too! I am looking forward to purchasing anything this author puts out on the subject in the future. J. Lawrence, Author of Inborn, Book One of The Sagas of Di’Ghon

I have read three excellent books that helped make marketing my own books easier, quicker and more productive. While I got some good pointers from each, I must say I truly got more from 8 Hours to Jump Start Your Career: A Step-By-Step Guide for Self-Published Authors (The 8 Hour Series) than any other. Betty Dravis, Bestselling Author & Vine Voice Reviewer

I must confess I was quite intrigued when I heard about this book. As an independent publisher, I have been getting as much educational material in the subject as I can, with the grand majority of it ranging between $29.00 and $49.00. What could this humble publication offer to top my previous acquisitions? Wow! Talk about over-delivery. When Tammie says 8 hours, she means it! The book is neatly organized into eight different segments that may take you up to one hour each. Less if you are comfortable with technology. While some of the content is similar to what I found in most of the materials I purchased in the past, a lot of the information she offered was new. Not only that, Tammie has an excellent way of organizing the most common topics in a way that offers a fresh perspective. The information on hours 1 and 2 alone are worth more than ten times the price of the book, and that is what some kindle experts charge for their workshops. Coach Izzy, Publisher

2014NEW – The perfect companion to the 8 Hours to Jump Start Your Career Book.
The One Book Every Published Author Should Own….

Writing the book is only the beginning. In order to succeed as a published author and reach your goals either you need an extensive marketing budget OR you need to learn how to market your book without the process taking over your life and draining your bank account.

What this book is:

-Part Personal Business Coach

-Marketing Primer – You’ll learn the basics of marketing so you can use them to stand out!

-Resource Directory – Countless Hours of Research have been compiled to help you find the best Free Resources

-A 77 Page Planner – You’ll get the link to a .pdf version that you can print. Includes planning sheets for running your entire publishing business from Goal Planning to Tracking Sales.



An intimate look at the “ROMANCE” behind the “Authors” and a Treasure Trove of Romantic Ideas to help you add a little romance to your own life! Features Foreword by Kathryn Falk CEO of Romantic Times Magazine and Contributions from New York Times & USA TODAY Bestselling Authors: JUDE DEVERAUX, HEATHER GRAHAM, SUSAN WIGGS, BERTRICE SMALL, AMANDA SCOTT, CHERYL ST.JOHN & Over Sixty More of Your Favorite Romance Authors Originally published in 2001 this is the first digital edition. This delightful book became a “Collector” item for Romance Fiction lovers everywhere, but sadly it’s been out of print for several years. Due to requests we are happy to bring it to you in a digital edition with a new cover and a few annotations, but rest assured you’ll be getting the original book’s content to enjoy and cherish for years to come.



Pre-Teens and Teens are at a crossroads and the decisions they make during these formative years can impact the rest of their lives. They can choose the right road or venture into situations that send them on a detour from the blessings God has in store for them. If you work with the youth in your church you know how difficult it can be to find lessons that can help you to emphasize how important the decisions they make today are.
These seven lessons have been used in a class setting with positive results. They are simple concepts that are easy for the students to remember and recall.
Topics range from reinforcing that Jesus is the ONLY way to Heaven through Salvation to how we pass along positives or negatives and the impact our actions have on others.

Professional Party Planner, Author and Mom, Tammie Gibbs shows you how to add a little sparkle creatively even during tough times. Learn to plan unforgettable parties for your children AND save money at the same time… Short and to the point this book shows you how to: -Select a Theme -Prepare a Menu -Become Creatively Cost Aware -Make Props -Select Games -Select and or Make Favors -Make the Most out of What You Already Have -Price Compare -Get Your Family Involved -Avoid Post-Party Depression -Make Every Party a Memorable One!





Using balloons to decorate for parties, proms, weddings and other events is popular and can be expensive. Do It Like A Pro: Easy Balloon Decorating for the Non-Professional will guide the ordinary person through the steps to learn a few basic techniques that will allow them to save hundreds of dollars on decorating expenses. Want a few balloon trees for your wedding? Don’t hire a professional, teach your friends and let them do it for you. Need to save money on your teenager’s prom? Teach his class the techniques and it will save them tons of money and open up a lot of possibilities for them to be creative. This is a very short book because it doesn’t need to be longer. The information is valuable if you’ve ever thought you’d like to know how to do balloon sculptures. Written by a veteran party planner and balloon decorator. No glossy photos or fancy fonts, just simple to understand technique and line drawings. The pros don’t want you to read this ebook.

Save money and give freely by learning to make these unique balloon arrangements that last almost a month. Written by an award-winning balloon designer you’ll learn the very basics of putting together these lovely balloon baskets with items you can easily store in a drawer or closet. -Give them when you forget to send someone a gift and all the stores are closed. -Give them when you want a friend to enjoy a long-lasting and cheerful pick me up while recovering from illness. -Own a gift shop? Add these and make some extra money. -Be creative and add your own touches to the basic design for one-of-a-kind gifts that will have all your friends wondering which shop it came from. These books are short and to the point with basic, rudimentary illustrations so that you have no problems learning the techniques. These arrangements are great for all occasions.


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