Island of Secrets

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Island of Secrets is a hard book to categorize. Yes – it’s about time travel, yes – it’s a mystery, yes – it’s a romance, but amongst all this there are dark and strange happenings mingled in with breathtakingly beautiful moments. You are pulled into the story, and are able to see and feel all the beauty of the old south in the 1700′s, and then back you come to present.
Penelope Adams -Paranormal Romance Guild Team Member

Don’t always read time travel books but this one I couldn’t put down, hope I can find another one as good.
Pauline Roach, Amazon Reviewer

The characterizations are strong, the romance is intriguing, and the story stuck in my head after I finished the book. I never wanted the relationship between the protagonist and her love interest to end, because I was so invested in them.
Linda Hawley-Bestselling Author of the Prophecies Series

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