Sworn to Secrecy – Book Two Undercover Heroes

Book2-1Travel Back in Time – Romance in the truest form! Gibbs is one of the few authors I will read when it comes to love stories without the steamy passion. The reason I continue to enjoy her work is because she manages to give a great love story that keeps my mind intrigued.
Michelle Hughes – Bestselling Author of the Tears of Crimson Vampire Novels

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, esp. when the characters found themselves in the future. It’s well written and steadily paced throughout, keeping the reader entertained, and more importantly turning the pages. Romance, time travel and adventure, just can’t go wrong.
Claire Taylor – Reviewer

Good story of time travel, mystery and romance. The writing was steady paced and kept the story interesting from the beginning to the end. I am looking forward to reading a sequel to this story. Good read!
Shirl -Reviewer

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