Daimones, a sci-fi, PA novel with a heart

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PA novels are often about cataclysmic events, survivors fending off dangers at every page, zombie attacks, aliens destroying everything for inscrutable reasons, or as a fulfillment of the latest religious prophecies. “Daimones” has nothing of the sort.

The novel puts a few survivors in a world having experienced a Mephistophelian planetary culling of the human race but there is no immediate cause to be pointed at for the survivors.

The Apocalypse has arrived, but why and how remains unknown in a frustrating and fearful reality for the family around which the story evolves, untill the last third of the plot.

”Daimones” explores moral and emotional issues as well as the mechanics of everyday survival for this family: all evidences point for them to be the only people left alive on Earth. The exploration of human relationships and their importance, of personalities and memories, are at the heart of the tale.

Confusion, sadness, and fear start to mix into the main character’s mind, Dan Amenta. 
We are led to discover the disbelief, the anguish, the grief, the frantic search for other survivors through his eyes and the 1st person narration. 

Finally, when Dan and his family do find other survivors…they experience the absolute terror of first contact.

The ending brings some closure about the catastrophe to this family, but also lays a heavy burden and responsibility on Dan, and opens up the novel to the sequel in the trilogy.

The author, being a scientist at heart—and by formation—created realistic premises and what happens in the story is very plausible, if the tale were to be true…

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