Erotic Books – Share Your Opinion

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Erotic Books – Share Your Opinion!

With our recent release of 10 Nights, we’ve been seeing a lot of comments about how BDSM seems to be infiltrating the romance category.  We want to hear your opinions on what this means for Romance, so we’re opening up our blog to the readers.  Come tell us your opinion, good, bad or indifferent.  Have we overstepped the boundaries or was it time for Romance Novels to expand outside the norm and start including more types of relationships?
Whether or not you loved, or hated Fifty Shades of Grey, you can’t deny that it’s having a huge impact on the entire categorization of the Romance genre.  Books that were once hidden behind the Erotic label are coming out in droves under contemporary romance.  As a reader do you now have to filter your search to exclude certain topics, or has this opened up a new world of possible fantasy related themes?  Where does the Romance category go from here?  If we’ve opened up BDSM what will be the next topic that dominates the genre?
The breakout percent for new erotic books has increased 110% in the last 90 days.  That’s a trend that booksellers can’t ignore.  How far though, is too far?  As a reader, we’d like your opinion on when a book should no longer be labeled as romance and only as Erotica.  What subject matter do you consider too Taboo for just a romance label?  This is your chance to give an opinion and we hope you take it.  At Tears of Crimson, we listen to our friends, so your opinions help shape future book releases.
We encourage you NOT to hold back.  Tell us what you really think!  As a reader that we would like to keep, your opinions matter more than anyone else’s.  Have questions?  We’d like to know about them.  We would love to be able to read your mind, but only our vampires do that, and they don’t always like to share.  So take a moment out of your day today and tell us what your opinions are.
Michelle Hughes is the bestselling author of the book 10 Nights. She began her career in entertaining as a singer/songwriter and hosted a nationally televised showcase.   When she started her family she decided a career on the road was not the place to raise children and turned to her love of writing.

In 2009 she founded Tears of Crimson, originally a roleplay group, then the basis for her Vampire Series,  centered around a club in New Orleans. To date she has six books published,  three of which have been bestsellers. To find out more about Michelle visit

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