Giving God the Glory: Believing in the Power of Prayer

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How many times have you prayed for God to intervene in your life in a very specific way only to overlook his obvious intervention when that prayer is answered?  For years, I’ve heard that we should be patient.  God answers our prayers in his way and in his time, but what about those times when he actually answers those prayers in our time, just as we asked?


I’ll be the first to admit that it’s hard sometimes to believe what we see and give God the glory.  Recently, I was hospitalized with chest pains.  At thirty-eight, this was my first hospital stay with the exception of my son’s birth, and I’ll admit I was scared.  The last thing an active, self-motivated, over-extended woman wants to hear is that there might be something wrong with her heart.  Mind you, my maternal grandmother died when she was in her forties of a massive heart attack and my father had just had five-by-passes only five weeks prior.


Things weren’t looking so good from that hospital bed.  The doctor scheduled a heart Cath for the following Tuesday, which just happened to be the presidential election of 2004, something I’d worked tirelessly to prepare for as the county chairman for the Bush-Cheney campaign.  I insisted that the doctor let me out of the hospital long enough to vote.  He was amused and thought I was nuts, but finally gave in and allowed me my small request.


Where does God and prayer come in you might ask?  Like any Christian worth her salt, my prayers began the moment I encountered the problem.  I’m not unlike the millions who go to the Lord in prayer the moment the clouds roll in. I started praying the moment I saw abnormal written across the top of the EKG.


Come to find out I have a lower than normal blood pressure so when they put the nitroglycerine pack on me within hours my blood pressure dropped dangerously low, and they had to remove it.  In addition to that, my potassium was low.  By mid-afternoon, the chest pains were back, and I had a horrible headache brought on by the nitroglycerine.   When the doctor came by he told us the EKG, they’d taken earlier was better, but still not normal.   He said everything pointed to a blockage, nothing like what my father had, but something that needed prompt attention.  He felt sure that a stint should correct the problem.  I was devastated to think I’d be going through such a procedure at my age.


Later, that afternoon, a couple, friends of my husbands and mine, dropped by, and before they left they anointed me with oil and prayed, earnestly asking God to intervene and heal me. Specifically, they asked that the doctors would find no blockages on Tuesday.  Shortly, after this couple left my pastor dropped by, and he too prayed much the same prayer.  Finally, another couple we’re close to dropped by with their three young children, and before they left they prayed also asking God to intervene and heal me.  Shortly after they prayed I felt as if I woke up, the pains were gone and when I looked at the heart monitor my rhythm was higher than it had been in quite some time.


I was lifted up by numerous churches during their Sunday services and by the time Tuesday rolled around I was weak, but the tightness in my chest and the occasional pains were gone.

Later, when I was rolled out from the procedure, they told me there were no blockages, and I knew that God had healed me, but as the news spread, there were Christian friends who without even realizing it began to explain away my miracle.  One remarked, “I don’t know why I’m so surprised. This is what I prayed for!”


Sometimes I think we are surprised not because we lack the faith, but because we doubt God’s willingness to work in our insignificant lives, but dear one, Christ died for you just as he died for me and we shouldn’t forget it ever.  How much more significant could we be for our Savior to have given his life in our behalf.  Isn’t the mere thought of having such a connection with the Almighty awesome!  Praise God! Give Him the glory!!! He deserves it.


I’m giving God the Glory!!! Great things he’s done and continues to do in my life.  If you look around I’m sure you’ll begin to see that He’s done great things in your life too, things you may not have noticed were accomplished by His mighty hand and things you may just need to stand up and give Him the glory for.

Think about what it must feel like when God reaches down and works a miracle, and it goes totally unnoticed or worse yet, it’s explained away, glory given to a doctor, a mechanic, or a Samaritan?  I can feel the tapping of his foot now, echoing through heaven as he despairs over our all too worldly bias.  You would think as much as we as humans like to get credit for our handiwork, we’d be eager to give him his.

I’m older now, but when I found this, I realized how very relevant it is to today. The original article was written shortly after the experience, but today after a grueling presidential campaign season, it rings so true.


In light of the results, many are disheartened.  God is still the Victor, if you’re saved you’re still his child.   Sometimes a good dose of reality is just what we need. Now, it should be easier for us to realize that our America is different now and determine how that affects the way we conduct ourselves as Christians.  Will our conduct further alienate those whom differ from us or will we grasp this opportunity and show them that while we may disagree on many things, we do care about them?  If we didn’t we’d all pack up and go home confident in our own salvation, but we can’t abandon God’s command to share Him and His word with the world.


We should never forget to Give God the Glory!


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