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AT-HOME SPA: The Top 10 Treatments For Head-To-Toe, Do-It-Yourself Beauty

Feeling weary, frazzled, or rough?  Soothe spirits and soften skin with a Palm Springs-style spa holiday.  Can’t get away?  No problem—you can still enjoy spa benefits in the privacy of your home.

ThePalm Springsresort communities are well known for luxury spa services, making it the perfect place for spa-style inspirations—and advice.

Make time for yourself - At the Parker Palm Springs, a bohemian-luxe-meets-mid-century-modern hotel, guests get psyched at the spa called the Palm Springs Yacht Club, or PSYC, for short.  “Don’t rush your spa visit, advises spa director Ursula Longo.  The key to a spa experience, she adds, is to “allow plenty of time to enjoy yourself.”

And to get the vibe...

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The Book Thief – Movie Review

Fascinating  concept. This movie follows the life of a small girl as she loses her brother and in turn her family to be raised by a couple who seem to be total opposites of one another. Engaging, cinematic and while the subject matter is very intense surprisingly entertaining at moments as personalities are revealed along the way.

* No nudity

* Serious subject matter

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Back-to-school nutrition primer: Give kids a healthy head start on academic success

Foods and nutrients that support brain health and boost academic success

(BPT) – Parents arm their kids with a plethora of school supplies, new attire and the latest technology to prepare them for a successful school year. But one of the most important components of academic success is often overlooked: nutrition.

“Having adequate nutrition provides children with the energy they need to learn, and increases their ability to stay on task, to concentrate, focus and solve problems,” says speech pathologist Lauren Zimet, an expert on oral motor/feeding and picky eating, and founder of The Healthy Foundations Program. “When nutrition is inadequate, there’s an increase in moodiness and irritability and a decrease in perseverance and patience.”

Zimet notes recent studies have shown tha...

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