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Article Marketing has been around for years, but you find it more prevalent in the private label rights market. Lots of marketers using articles to draw folks looking for business opportunities to their websites, books, and other products. It works much in the same way that press releases do. In fact some of the larger syndicates use FEATURES or articles on various subjects as a staple of what they offer publishers of both small and large publications. These features are the way that large and small businesses market their products. If you look in most newspapers you’ll see them. They offer helpful information then include links and information about the company who released the feature.
What you want to know is WHY you should write an article and give it away for free. -You can’t purchase advertising of this nature in most publications. The chance to snag a place in front of thousands of readers for the cost of a few minutes of your time is priceless.
Example: Imagine getting picked up by a small magazine like mine which circulates to 18 South Georgia counties… Then that same article is featured in two or three blogs. Now lots of readers that you would never have reached know who you are and that you wrote a book.
There is no guarantee you’re article will be picked up, but even if you don’t, imagine how many folks will be searching the directory for just the right article. They’ll see yours and that also holds potential for you to sell books. -Links to you website. If you are familiar with seo at all you know the value of backlinks to your website to help in your postitioning on Google and other search engines. When your article appears online in many blogs and websites with your links intact you get good quality backlinks to your site. That will help your search engine ranking.
There are too many postives to even mention. I hope I’ve educated you a little about the benefits and I look forward to seeing you put your articles to work and I hope that each and every one of them goes viral for you.
Feel free to add your articles for FREE. Please visit the advertising tab for additional paid opportunities.  You will need to register to submit articles and reading the terms of service is required.
Here are a few tips:
Unfortunately, we do not have an automatic way to include an image with your article. If you have images and the rights to those images there are two ways you can address that.


Adding Images

1-Use HTML. If you have a html editor and your own hosting for your images you can use the html tab to format your article.

2-We suggest a link to any related images you want to include for distribution with your article.  We suggest you put the image link at the top of the article above the title of your article so that it is easy for the publisher to find and exclude when copy pasting the article into their software for publication.

We suggest that you concentrate on content. The better your article the more likely it will produce results for you. Look for different angles on popular topics and offer value to the publishers.  You will receive more exposure for your articles if you adopt a “Make it better than paid” content approach.  The life and reach of one popular article can mean the difference in stagnation and viral success.

-Give thought to your titles

-Consider creatively using keywords in your titles for most impact.

* We suggest that authors make themselves accessible.

-Create a post with links to the various items in your personal author press kit. Include links to book images and headshots of you as well as a bio etc. Use this opportunity to make basic information available to the press.

-Be creative. If you come up with an idea or way you think you can use our directory let us know.  We love creativity.

-We suggest you include current contact information including an email in you article even if it’s in a “do not publish” box so that if a publisher would like to hire you or contact you further they can.

Our site is all about making the connection process easier on both publishers and authors. Gone are the days when blogs and small publications have to beg for something good to run in their publication and gone are the days when authors have to beg for exposure or to be featured on blogs and sites. Now, both can easily offer their information in a convenient platform.

Your Resource Box:

We’re sure you’ve seen a resource box on articles before, but just to be certain we have these tips.

-Place your resource information at the bottom of the article.  Include links to your websites and social media as well as a little mini-bio or mini-pitch and credits that establish you as someone who knows what they are talking about.


Not ALL articles will be accepted into the directory. If your article is not it is probably because it is a  rehash of a plr article or it is overly commercial. Please feel free to edit and resubmit. By offering quality content the site will grow to realize it’s purpose.