DIY projects to increase the resale value of your home

(BPT) – Whatever you’re passionate about, you know hobbies cost money. People who haven’t shaken the travel bug need to negotiate time off work, pay for lodging, airfare and more. If you’re a big football fan, the amount you spend on food, snacks, game tickets and clothing adds up during the course of a season. Even simple hobbies like fishing can require a seemingly endless number of gadgets and electronics.

Fortunately, for anyone who likes to roll up their sleeves and isn’t afraid of taking on a new house project, their DIY hobby can actually save them money. In particular, homeowners who are getting ready to make a move and want to get top dollar for their property can take on a number of home renovation projects that will increase the value of their home.

With today’s powerful, easy-to-use tools, it’s never been easier to fix up your house in a way buyers will notice and you can cash-in on. Even veteran DIYers are amazed at the quality of workmanship they’re able to do thanks to a new generation of drills, saws, sanders and other tools. One versatile saw that’s perfect for home renovations is the RotoZip RotoSaw+, which can plunge and cut through tile, stone and drywall, providing precision control that is equal to its power.

If you love the satisfaction of fixing things and are hoping to get a high offer on your house, here are five DIY projects that may increase the resale value of your home.

Install lighting fixtures. Lighting has a tremendous effect on how potential buyers perceive your house. While it’s important to keep the rooms and hallways well lit, you’ll want to make sure the source that produces the light is also stunning. Using a RotoSaw+ to make precise plunges and cuts in the wall or ceiling, you can easily install glorious new fixtures.

Cap it off with crown molding. It’s odd how many people look up when deciding if the house is right for them. That’s why so many realtors suggest adding crown molding. It’s a simple addition that adds a touch of charm and makes a big statement about the value of the home.

Add a backsplash. Buyers pay a lot of attention to the kitchen and the bathroom. One of the most eye-catching effects you can add is a backsplash around the sink and the counter space. To get the full effect, use high-quality tile and a RotoSaw+ to get the precise cuts needed for a perfect fit.

Front yard. Backyards are great but when you’re selling your home, the front yard is where buyers make their first impression. Go beyond well-trimmed hedges and green lawns by building decorative fixtures such as a bench, flower crates made of reclaimed wood or other such projects that combine craftsmanship and taste.

Get rid of carpet. Carpet is fast going the way of wallpaper, and there are few home buyers out there who prefer carpet to wood floors. Rip that carpet up! Depending on your skill level, you can choose to cut, sand, stain and install the floorboards yourself, or invest in interlocking boards that snap in place.

Your DIY remodeling project doesn’t have to be complicated. RotoZip offers two models of RotoSaws able to cut multiple materials. Call 1-877-ROTOZIP or visit for more info

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